Tuesday, February 03, 2015

What Does ADHD Look Like in School?

What It Looks Like In School

*Excessive talking
*Off-task behaviors
*Distorted sense of time
*Disorganized or Perfectionistic
*Responds negatively to correction
*Often unprepared, loses materials
*Poor/conflicted peer relationships
*Disruptiveness, clowning, defiance
*Difficulty with Transitions/Changes.
*Physical restlessness or slow moving
*Careless mistakes, omissions, rushes
*Doesn’t seem to “get it” (cause-effect)
*Incomplete work, not finishing on time
*Misses and/or misinterpret social cues
*Poor recall, forgets, trouble memorizing
*Homework is missing; but it’s completed!
*Inconsistent performance (grades, behavior)
*Defiant and/or uncooperative, or overly submissive
*Relates better to older and younger children (not with peers!)

Academic Problems -
*Messy, stilted hand-writing
*Trouble copying from board
*Poor reading comprehension
*Difficulty reading; dislike of reading
*Written expression (getting it on paper)
*Difficulty with sequencing (auditory, visual)
*Math. concepts, word problems, times tables, algebra
*Poor grammar; sentence structure; punctuation; capitalization

But, often does well in PE, Art, Music, and/or Science

Not All symptoms need be present

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